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We are proud to show you some of our projects!


Below: Digger Dan tears up the dance floor! Literally!

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Below is the Madden Concrete facility on Campion Rd. in Utica, NY. We did some some demolition work which involved taking down two industrial towers and adjacent buildings. Here are the "before" photos: (click on the images to view the full size photos).

old cement factory being torn down
cement hopper ready to come down
entire cement factory salvaged
3 story structure coming down
all debris removed from property
conveyor belts disassembled
  Above: This old portland cement tower needed to come down. After weakening the leg braces using an industrial cutting torch, Dan starts to topple it with one of his excavators. In this business, every step has to be carefully considered before proceeding. This is where several years of experience come in handy.  

Below: The large conveyor system is next to come down. This is done by sectioning it into managable size pieces.


Above: Using one of our cranes to 'pick' sections of conveyor. Sections are first prepared for dismantling, then lowered to the ground in sections. All of the metal from this demolition will be recycled.

Below: Assorted videos of the conveyor belt and sections of the conveyor being dismantled

This video shows a couple of our men cutting structure

Here, a section is picked and lowered to the ground

Another section comes down

Above: Next to come down is this metal building that sits atop the concrete block 2-story base.

Below are a sequence of videos showing this top story coming down

Below are a couple videos showing Dan Caruso dismantling some retired railroad cars (from a previous project).

Below: More structures being dismantled (click to see videos)

Part 1

Part 2